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Posted on August 09, 2022 by Helium

The Top Interior Design Trends of 2022

From Instagram to Pinterest, the online world gives professional interior designers and DIY renovators more access to popular design trends than ever before, providing endless inspiration for unique and stylish designs for residential and commercial properties.

This year has seen a mixed bag of current designs, some ultra-modern and others reinventing some classic vintage aesthetics. Read on to discover some of the most popular interior design trends in 2022.

70s retro designs

In 2022, the 70s are back, with new technology and modern twists on an era of ingenuity and a kaleidoscope of colour and culture.

Some classic 1970s design features include:

  • High-contrast colours
  • Patterned wallpaper
  • Textured fabric
  • Patterned wallpaper
  • Photographic wallpaper
  • Paisley
  • Post-psychedelic tones
  • Floral patterns
  • House plants

Classic 70s colour pallets incorporate lighter natural colours like mustard, oche, tan, leaf greens and burnt orange.

Our AJ Wallpaper collection features a wide range of retro-inspired designs, including modern twists on 70s classics.

Open plan living

As our lives have become more urbanised and time-poor, society is trending toward smaller dwellings, like apartments and townhouses, requiring less maintenance and more minimalistic designs.

Many modern home configurations feature an open-plan living space, which often includes the kitchen, dining and living room in one area.

These spaces are tied together with strategically placed furniture, room dividers and decor features.

Creating zones within one open space is the trick to making open plan designs work. However, many interior design features like lighting, artwork, wallpaper and colour palettes are made to work in symbiosis, creating a theme within the overall design.

Getting back to nature

The world has been forced to spend a lot of time indoors since the COVID-19 pandemic, denying many a much-needed connection with nature and a push towards sustainability. 

Nature designs are full of nature-inspired decor, greenery and raw refuge materials, including:

  • Lots of plant-life
  • Second-hand furniture and fittings
  • Industrial taps and sinks
  • Raw refuge timber
  • Recycled materials
  • Nature-themed wallpaper and feature walls
  • Sky-lights

Nature-themed interior design brings more of the outdoors indoors, with homes that transcend into nature rather than keep you separated from it.

Our photographic wallpaper features high-definition photo-quality nature images, such as forests, mountains, desserts and beach-side views, perfect for a nature-inspired decor style.

Minimalist, ultra-modern design

For career-driven households, minimalism has become a popular trend as it reduces time-wasting activities like cleaning around furniture and decor features and keeping home utilities, like kitchens and bathrooms, clutter-free.

Some common design features in a modern minimalist domain include:

  • Long sleek lines 
  • Large tiles
  • Lots of glass
  • Industrial-style fittings
  • Polished concrete floors
  • Minimal art and decor
  • Minimalist textured wallpaper
  • Downlights and slimline lighting
  • Minimal furniture

A minimalist style aims for nothing but the bare essentials, including kitchen utilities, laundry size, and bathroom features; anything unnecessary is abandoned.

A minimalist home design often also embraces state-of-the-art technologies, like smart home integrations and utilises multi-functional appliances to reduce storage space.

Sustainable living

Sustainability is the topic of the day, with the average home and business becoming more environmentally conscious than ever. 

As climate change becomes more impactful, people are not just purchasing environmentally friendly products and appliances but developing sustainability-focused lifestyles, which includes their interior design.

Some major sustainable design features would include:

  • Re-used or refurbished furniture
  • Refuge materials like jars and old containers for storage and decor
  • Refuge timber and steel
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Lots of functional plant life like air-purifying, humidifying plants and edible herbs

Sustainable interior design often features many functional and multi-use spaces and utilities, ensuring things like waste and recycling are easily and consistently separated, and that home utilities use recycled water and appliances require minimal energy consumption.

Classic noir

Another retro style phoning in via landline to 2022 is from the 1940s. Classic noir-style designs are back in vogue, with round edges, curvy features and classic black and white tones.

Some classic examples of noir-style interior design include:

  • Curved furniture
  • Chandeliers
  • Vintage floral art and floral wallpaper
  • Heavily contrasted black and white palettes
  • Dark timber panels
  • Large clocks and mirrors
  • Antique furniture

The 1940s style is about class and luxury, but always tidy, never cluttered and overdone; definitely a style that requires a trip to your local antique and retro stores.

Colour and contrast

The colours and finishes achievable today with graphic design, printing and fabrication technologies allow designers to replicate ideas that were previously just a dream.

These technologies have allowed a new wave of tactile textures, eye-popping colours, and interesting shapes, including in our paints, wallpaper, utilities, appliances, fixtures and general decor.

Colourful, digital pop art adorns the walls, furniture features bright and bold paints, laminates and textiles, wallpaper features brilliant 3D designs, and bare floors are covered with colourful post-modern rug patterns.

These rainbow-coloured interior design trends also love being bathed in natural light and work wonderfully with large windows and skylights. For night-time, lighting configurations feature high fixtures and downlights to soak the contrasting colours making them pop and sparkle from dawn till dusk.

All over colours and patterns

Another popular colour trend is to pick a colour and go all in, including the walls, ceiling, doors, door frames, skirtings and architraves. 

While this trend tends to lend more to darker colours, as bright colours can be overpowering, this is not a rule and is open to individual taste. Some bold interior designers have applied this style to patterns; however, this is often just the walls and ceiling. 

While painting in one colour is easy enough, creating a full-room pattern requires a little more strategy. However, new-wave, self-adhesive removable wallpaper has made full-room patterns easier than ever and is a very affordable interior design option to achieve an amazing effect.

AJ Wallpaper: A world of interior design for all styles and trends

Whether you want your interior design to take a step back in time, be in the moment, or leap into the future, our AJ Wallpaper collection has something for everyone; the hardest decision is deciding which design to choose.

Our wallpaper catalogue features hundreds of pages of designs and themes, and we provide worldwide shipping, so if you are ready to redesign your residential or commercial property's interior, why not browse online and buy today? Interior design has never been easier than with our AJ Wallpaper collection.



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