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Posted on August 16, 2022 by Helium

5 Ways to Use Removable Wallpaper in Your Home

Self-adhesive removable wallpaper is an interior design trend that keeps gaining traction. However, even though this amazing product has been around since 2008, its versatility has only recently gained traction with the masses, especially online.

Of course, removable wallpaper and stickers are ideal for wall decoration; however, it provides a ton of creative decor options limited only by the imagination of its user; it is a no-rules product that is highly adaptive.

A quick peruse of social media and design sites like Pinterest and Instagram will show just how creative people have gotten with removable wallpaper; some of the effects are incredible.

Below we have listed five popular ways that DIY and professional interior designers use removable wallpaper in their home design. Read on to find out more.  

1. Feature walls

A feature wall is often used to create contrast at a room's focal point. The most common way this is achieved is by picking a contrasting paint colour for the wall that brings attention to a piece of art, furniture, or even your entertainment technology, like a TV or audio system. 

Feature walls provide an excellent opportunity to work with colours, contrasts, shapes, textures and patterns. 

While contrasting paint on a feature wall can yield impressive results, this traditional feature wall medium can seem bland and dated once you see how much removable wallpaper can transform your space.

Removable wallpaper provides endless feature wall options, including:

  • Photographic prints
  • Brick, stone and tile textures
  • Classic and contemporary art
  • Geometric 3D designs and much more

New wave removable wallpaper is more impressive than ever. It provides a more adaptive feature wall option that can be changed regularly without the mess and hassle of paint and traditional wallpaper.

2. Creative flooring

Are your floors looking a little old and dated? Floorboards looking scratched and worn? Maybe you are just sick of your flooring and want a change? 

You can now get removable flooring stickers that transform your floor with minimal prep work in as little time as an afternoon.

You apply it just like removable wallpaper but use it directly underfoot. Self-adhesive floor film is washable and durable and gives you the freedom to change your flooring at any time at an affordable price.

You can get a wide range of designs and graphics, including:

  • 3D floor murals
  • Broken floor effects
  • Aquatic designs
  • Fantasy images
  • Tile and natural stone finishes
  • Complex patterns and much more

Self-adhesive floor murals can be changed regularly at a minimal cost. In addition, they are easy to clean, require no special treatment to maintain, and last much longer than you may think.

3. Cabinet and shelf liner

Cabinets and shelf surfaces often get overlooked in interior design, as there is more focus on what sits on top of them. You can use removable wallpaper to liven up the inside of your cabinets or shelving units, making them more aesthetically appealing and easier to wipe clean. 

The trick to styling removable self-adhesive film for cabinets and shelves is about perspective.

Lining the shelves of low-lying cabinets, like kitchen cupboards and bathroom vanities, with an interesting pattern or design can create a pleasant surprise when the cabinet doors are opened. However, because you look down on the shelves, it is best to focus on the shelf surfaces, as you never see the backs unless you are reaching to the rear or cleaning them out.

Suppose you have overhead cabinets with solid doors, glass doors, open storage or shelves. In that case, lining the back wall can create some stunning interior design effects and make what is often dead space more visually stimulating. 

The shelves themselves can also be covered, but try a test spot first to ensure the pattern or design is not too overpowering. The higher the shelves are, the less likely you will see the shelves' surface; when lining visible shelves, sometimes less is more.

4. Ceiling murals

While you may instinctively feel that the ceiling does not take up much of your field of vision, you may be surprised when you stop and look around. No matter if there is a low or high ceiling, they are always in constant view; so why not make your bare ceilings more interesting? 

Ceiling murals were popular in the 1930s, often featuring fresco painting, mosaic tiles and plaster designs, and fell out of vogue for quite some time. Removable ceiling stickers have reinvigorated the ceiling mural trend, providing a more cost-effective and easy-to-install ceiling mural medium.

Installing removable wallpaper on your ceiling can create an incredible effect, whether using a natural finish, like timber or stone, or something more artistic, like a geometrical pattern, a photographic scene, or some classic art.

5. Furniture renovation

Do you have an old set of drawers with scratched laminate? Dents and marks on a tabletop? How about some scruffy-looking shelves? Why replace when you can restyle?

Removable wallpaper can be used to renovate old furniture. It is easy to apply and cut to shape. Examples of where you can use removable wallpaper to remodel your old furniture include:

  • Lining the inside or fronts of drawers
  • Creating fun, easy-to-clean patterns on a study or computer desk
  • Dining table tops
  • Chair and table legs
  • Freestanding shelves
  • Tallboys and more

Applying removable wallpaper to furniture can take some trial and error. You may need to develop better blade and scissor skills to get a professional effect, especially on oddly shaped furniture or uniquely fabricated drawer fronts.

However, practice makes perfect, and some clever souls have even made an impressive side hustle acquiring old scratched furniture to recover and sell online at a profit.

For furniture with deep dents and scratches, you may have to do some putty filling and sanding to ensure a smooth result; however, much less prep-work is required than repainting and staining.

Transform your space with AJ Wallpaper

With hundreds of pages of designs, our collection of wallcoverings gives you endless interior design options from a wide range of printed products, including:

  • Removable wallpaper
  • 3D wallpaper
  • Wall murals
  • Floor murals
  • Ceiling murals
  • Stair riser art
  • Hallway art and much more

It has never been easier to renovate a space than with removable wallpaper. We offer a range of payment methods and shipping worldwide, so why not browse and buy online today?



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