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Posted on November 15, 2019 by Helium Collaborator

Most popular designs from our co-operated artists

Are you looking for some unique design to decorate your wall or searching for some fantastic image for your bed cloth, rug mat, or anything else? We are making a great effort to fix your requirements with our artist’s artwork. AJ WALLPAPER has co-operated with the famous artists Vincent Hie and 渡部陽 Noir blanc to bring you some great ideas for your family décor.

Vincent Hie is an artist from the USA who loves the beauty of shapes, forms, colors, and sounds. His artwork has been printed by many Companies Worldwide on various types of apparel. He is also one of the key artists involved in the worldwide phenomenon that is Big Facetm.

渡部陽 Noir blanc is a photographer from Japan. He has gained many international renowned photography awards. His artwork has proven to resonate with many consumers all over the world.

Feel interested in their artworks? Let us have a look at them at AJ WALLPAPER!

  • Vincent Hie

  • 渡部陽 Noir blanc Photographer




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