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Posted on November 12, 2019 by Helium Collaborator

Artworks come with Famous Designers from AJ wallpaper

AJ Wallpaper is working hard to bring you some creative, comfortable, and unique decorative styles with our wallpaper. We have signed up with famous designers all over the world. Their artworks are different in style, and there is always one for you. Today, we will introduce four designers and their artworks to you.

Let us come to Anne Farrall Doyle first, who is an England designer and is gaining an international reputation as a Figurative & Fashion Artist. After many years of experimenting and using most mediums, her artworks are shown in watercolor initially, graduating into oils and now mixed media.

The artworks of Shandra Smith are coming in shapes, colors, and exciting patterns. She uses a variety of mixed media techniques, including photography and computer software, to create her vibrant art and pattern designs.

Steve Read is an artist who has an interest in coastal landscapes and marine scenes. His paintings were often conveying the very same sense of anticipation he gets at spending the day at the beach.

Trevor Mitchell is a famous designer who delights in recreating the past on canvas through careful research and is well known for his nostalgic, authentic scenes depicting farming, rural, and family life.

  • Anne Farrall Doyle

  • Shandra Smith

  • Steve Read

  • Trevor Mitchell

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