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Create A School Environment Students Want To Be In


Create a space that inspires your students to value their education, stay focused and excel in their academic performance with 3D wallpaper and other 3D interior design solutions from AJ Wallpaper.

Whether a childcare center, primary school, or high school, there is a design to inspire the youth of all age groups and school levels.

There is a wide range of inspiring 3D wall coverings for schools, including:

  • 3D School wallpaper
  • 3D School wall murals
  • 3D School wall decals
  • 3D School hallway art and much more

With a comprehensive range of themes and education graphics, you may find it hard to choose, with images such as:

  • Colorful children's themes
  • Animal friends
  • Inspiring quotes and images
  • Educational material, like times tables
  • Anatomy and health themes
  • Space and planetary designs
  • Science themes
  • Botanical images
  • Ocean and nature scenes
  • Maps, historical images, and more

Our international artists and designers can provide a cost-effective solution if your school or educational facility needs customized artwork with school emblems and other tailored graphics.

We can provide fast and reliable shipping to schools in the U.S., Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and worldwide, with some orders qualifying for free delivery.

In the eco-conscious age, faculty and students can feel good that all our 3D wall art and graphics are printed with eco-friendly inks and sustainable materials.

Browse and shop online today, and bring some color and inspiration into your school or education complex. For more information about our range of custom 3D school wall art and other printed products, send an email to info@ajwallpaper.com, and one of our representatives will respond promptly.

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