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Jacqueline Reynoso

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Jacqueline was born in the Grand Canyon State of Arizona. Her love for drawing and painting started at a young age and for most of her life it just remained a hobby. She moved to San Antonio Texas in 2006. She dabbled in her hobby here and there but it wasn’t until in 2017 she was asked to paint some sport logo paintings that she began to take a renewed interest in pursuing art professionally.  

Jacqueline loves to travel and has traveled all over the world. Egypt, Europe, Caribbean Islands and her trucking career allowed her to travel all over the US. As she traveled she explored art all over the world. She has been to the Louvre Museum in Paris, France and seen the Mona Lisa and many other famous artists work. 

In early 2021, she decided to quit life on the road as a truck driver and work on her art career. With support from her family, friends and clients she was able to gain the confidence to fully pursue her lifelong dream of becoming full time artist. She was accepted into San Antonio Artist Collective in August 2021 and about a month later she had art in Alas Pa Volar Gallery.  

From that point she started Live Painting  at Festivals and Art shows in San Antonio. In November 2021, she got accepted into one of the best galleries in Miami Wynwood Art District for her Abstract Lines. Miami is where she started with her first Live Wedding Paintings and in January 2022 she started with Snap Chic Wedding Painting.  

Jacqueline live paints at weddings and has recently opened up her own gallery called Brushworks Studio & Gallery located on the NE side of San Antonio. There she showcases her work which includes her examples of Realism Portrait/Pet Portrait paintings and her abstract lines, pop art and cubism fusions! She also mentors and exhibits emerging/young artists artworks with the YOUNG ARTS EXHIBITION Program teaching them and leading them into galleries and job opportunities.


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