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Posted on November 28, 2019 by Helium Collaborator

Unique artworks from AJ wallpaper’s co-artists

AJ wallpaper is making significant efforts to secure our wallpaper became wall artwork. The co-artists in AJ wallpaper have brought us many different and unique artworks, which will definitely give you great ideas for your home décor.

Allan P Friedlander is one of the co-artists at AJ wallpaper, who is a painting artist from the USA, He has tried to create a feeling of the beauty that Allan sees all around him in nature with his paintings. With the ability to combine different subjects of flowers and landscapes in an abstract manner, which gives the arts a special look. There is no doubt that Allan's artworks are attractive and will make you amazing about them.

Photographer Assaf Frank is a leading licensing image supplier to manufacturers and publishers. His photographic collection includes flowers, landscapes, cityscapes, and still life.

It sounds both beautiful and poetic. And that, in a way, is also what characterizes Boris' works. The expression in his works reflects the way he sees the world. Everything Boris sees, he reduces to the essentials. And they are all from restructuring shapes and colors along cubic lines, or when he creates mind-blowing pop-art collages on pastel-colored backgrounds.


  • Assaf Frank

  • Boris Draschoff

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