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Posted on April 20, 2020 by Helium Collaborator

The story of the designer Debi Coules at AJ WALLPAPER

It all started as a very little girl with a pencil and some scraps of paper, the insert papers from silk stockings her grandmother would bring home for her after a long day in the ladies' accessories department of RH Stern in Boston. At an early age, she began drawing ladies fashions, which led to majoring in Fashion Illustration and Illustration in college, graduating from Syracuse University, and so it goes. She sees how sketching those lovely ladies sparked her love of French Fashion and French woman’s portraits.

It is funny how one thing leads to another. So there she is an artist and has returned to another true love of her, painting. She paints on just about any surface she can find, preferably something old that needs a bit of a facelift. She also adores working on canvas as well. She loves the romantic style of shabby French cottage chic and tries to bring that to her work. Her palette is soft and a bit reminiscent of the French Impressionist, which still are the favorites in her heart of hearts. She presently lives in Melbourne, Florida, a long way from her roots in the northeast. She feels there are romance and beauty in all that she sees and tries to bring that to all that she does.





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