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Posted on May 13, 2020 by Helium Collaborator

The story of Anne Farrall Doyle at AJ WALLPAPER

Anne was born in Cheshire, England, and studied at Stockport College of Art, following which she spent an informative period In an Advertising Agency. After many years of experimenting and using most mediums, watercolor initially, graduating into oils and now mixed media allows her to work freely & with an invention of techniques amidst careful involvement & growing excitement. Within this partnership of creation, she wants her paintings to have a spontaneous look, sometimes achieved quickly mostly 'tho with great exasperation perhaps returning to a piece after a long period.

Her work has evolved from the representational, through Impressionism, to presently tapping new areas of exploration whereby creating a story or emotion, in some cases, without an observational subject or viewpoint. She is now living in glorious Herefordshire & gives thanks for the abundance of this beauteous Planet. Do you want to know more about her? Come and have a look at her artwork at AJ WALLPAPER.


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