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Posted on October 04, 2022 by Helium

The 4 Top Trending Removable Wallpaper Styles of 2022

Removable wallpaper is one of the most popular interior design trends of 2022, as more professional designers and DIY makeover enthusiasts discover the massive potential of this versatile product.

While this product can be used in myriad ways, some self-adhesive wallpaper styles are getting the most traction. So let's find out what removable wallpaper is and why it has become so popular.

What is removable wallpaper, and what are its benefits?

Traditional wallpaper has fallen out of favour in recent years. It is expensive, messy and tricky to install. It also required you to cover up floors and furniture, mix messy glues and pastes, and struggle with brushes and rollers.

Removable wallpaper, on the other hand, is affordable, requires no prior installation experience, is mess-free, and is easy to install with just a few basic tools.

Printed removable wallpaper comes in a seemingly endless sea of design and styles, which can be removed and changed on a whim—it is no wonder it has rapidly grown in popularity.

Some designs and styles, however, have been getting the most attention. Read on for four of the biggest trending removable wallpaper styles of 2022.

1. Big and bold floral designs

While floral designs have never gone out of vogue, new wave removable wallpaper offers a new approach, presenting classic and contemporary floral patterns in a new light. 

When we say big and bold, we mean it! You can choose wall-sized floral prints in high-def life photography, hand-painted designs, abstract and large-pattern floral styles, and much more—the hardest thing to decide is which floral wallpaper design is your favourite.

2. Metallic wallpaper designs

Metallic removable wallpaper can produce stunning effects, offering a sense of style and class without the expensive price tag that comes with the real thing. 

There are many different types of metallic removable wallpaper, including

pressed metallic patterns, 3D metallic design, gold and silver metallic finishes, and much more.

3. Marble and stone finishes

Marble and stone wall veneers were traditionally reserved for the rich and famous; however, all that changed with the introduction of removable wallpaper. 

Now everyone can enjoy the majesty of marble and stone, including light and dark marble finishes, natural stone designs, hand-laid masonry and even photo-quality mosaic patterns and brickwork.

4. Abstract Geometry

The rise of 3D wallpaper has been meteoric, with modern design and printing technologies seamlessness reproducing stunning 3D geometric wall murals from the abstract to the psychedelic.

While some styles come in 2D geometric designs, it is 3D wallpaper that has set the wallpaper world a buzz, offering eye-popping effects that make you feel like you have stepped into an alternative reality or a futuristic home of tomorrow.

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