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Posted on April 03, 2019 by Helium Collaborator

Not only apply on the wall!
Fun and unique way to use wallpaper decorate your home


Wallpaper is unquestionably a separating internal influence. There are many ways to decorate your room; wallpaper is one of the most popular, worthy, easiest way to do. But after decades, people realized that wallpaper gets bored after years and could not please them anymore. Now at AJ Wallpaper, we are introducing the new trend wallpaper not only can apply on the wall!


Make your ceiling prettier

Complementing a unique element to space can entirely change a room, and the ceiling is an additional blank background for you to decorate your room. Choosing to go with an impactful and elegant ceiling mural will style your room artistic and attractive. It is the easiest and economical way to make your room feel calm and fresh.

In another hand, designed kids ceiling mural will make your children happier and impact on their imagination positively. If we hang rainbow or spaceship wallpaper on the ceiling, every night before they sleep, these ceiling murals definitely will inspire them and let them have a sweet dream.


Make our floor become art

Just like a touch of paint, an artistic wallpaper can brighten up your space, add attractiveness and renovate the feeling of the space in one second. Image what if we decorate our floor by putting floor mural. These big, bold florals or the oceanic, whales and shells surely will transfer your space to another dramatic eye-catching impressed.


Designed commercial floor mural

Murals are a suitable way to make space appear larger and make your room appear like there is another space that we can go in. Choosing the 3D floor mural to use it in commercial or office place will effectively be making a depth of your space and illusion of a bigger room.

Make your stairs gorgeous

The staircase often is one of the first things guests look when they first are invited into your house. A nature riser staircase mural will impress your friends, the combination of bright yellow and the natural green color is the most eye-catching color.


The geometric art mosaic design stair mural allows your room appeals clear and stylish feeling. It is a perfect tool to use your house’s little details surprise people.


These are the popular home idea design from us, by introducing the new trend, we would like to inspire you and your home with this fresh trend and classic artwork design. Just add a touch of the mural, it will feature your home with stylish and state your room with fun and calm.





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