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Posted on April 07, 2020 by Helium Collaborator

Illustrations from Rose Catherine Khan at AJ WALLPAPER

Rose Catherine Khan is a fantasy illustrator from Central New York. Over the past decade, she has created designs and illustrations for clients across the country. Her artwork sells internationally, and her collectibles can be found in gift shops around the world. Rose draws her inspiration from Art Nouveau and classic fantasy themes. An avid horseback rider, equines are a particular focal point of her artwork.

Rose has a carefully honed process blending traditional and digital techniques. She begins her illustrations by drawing pencil underlays. The result is a rich array of colorful textures and vibrant strokes, capturing the energy of the pencil and the flexibility of digital media. AJ WALLPAPER has plenty of fantastic artworks from Rose Catherine Khan, why not have a look and to find the one you like?




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