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Posted on October 31, 2022 by Helium

How to Use Removable Wallpaper to Enhance Your Hospitality Business

In hospitality, first impressions last, and you must ensure your business looks inviting, stylish and welcoming. So often, people walk into a hospitality space, like a cafe or hotel, and see old, scuffed paintwork or sterile empty walls. However, a cafe or restaurant may be much more likely to see an increase in customers if the space is a pleasant place to sit and eat.

Your business walls also present the opportunity to put some personality into your place of business and drive your brand and product. 

A professional finish for a reasonable price

In these tough economic times, a full interior renovation may be out of the budget; however, there is an easy, affordable way to give your hospitality space a premium makeover on a budget.

Removable wallpaper from our AJ Wallpaper collection is cost-effective, easy to install, and offers seemingly endless interior design potential. In addition, because removable wallpaper is self-adhesive, like a sticker, it can be applied after minimal preparation and with no mess or fuss like traditional wall coverings; simply discard the backing and offcuts after installation.

Our AJ Wallpaper collection features a comprehensive selection of themed designs and realistic finishes for hospitality businesses. As well as removable wallpaper, we also sell self-adhesive ceiling, floor and stair-riser murals so you can create a hospitality space that sets you apart from your competitors. Read on to learn more.

A more cost-effective way to transform your hospitality business

Hospitality is a diverse business sector that encompasses many industries. These are businesses where first impressions last, and all enterprises under the hospitality banner are built, developed, and maintained around word of positive mouth and good reviews.

Many hospitality businesses can benefit from using self-adhesive removable wallpaper for an interior makeover, including:

  • Cafes, eateries and restaurants

Liven up your eatery walls with culinary images and delicious suggestive patterns; it could help entice customers to order an extra serving and create a pleasant or interesting atmosphere for people to meet

  • Accommodation, B&Bs, hotels and motels

Get your accommodation destination an extra star with an easy interior makeover by introducing stylish feature walls in your rooms or maybe a front lobby upgrade with some realistic marble finishes

  • Entertainment venues

Cover those old scuffed walls in the hallways with a realistic timber finish, instal a stunning ceiling mural, or create breathtaking photographic landscapes in function rooms in your entertainment venue—a professional result at a fraction of the cost

  • Holiday resorts

Create fun-themed children's play areas, renovate your concierge, and make your premium suits a little more premium with an easy-to-install removable wallpaper makeover. It is the easier, more affordable way to spruce up your holiday destination.

No matter what hospitality business you own, there is a theme or solution in our diverse collection of wallpaper designs, ceiling murals, floor stickers and stair riser film for all hospitality business types. 

So, why not browse and buy online today, and transform your hospitality business the easier way? Click this link to see our extensive catalogue.

AJ Wallpaper: The better way to renovate your business space

Our vast library of high-quality removable wallpaper designs can enhance the look of any hospitality business. If you are looking for a more tailored finish, call the toll-free number for your region to learn more about our custom wallpaper solutions.

Send your inquiry via our online email form, and one of our representatives will respond promptly.



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