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Posted on March 01, 2023 by Helium

Five of the Most Famous Wallpaper Designs Ever

The Chinese invented paper and were the first to use printed paper to decorate their walls. What started as printed rice paper was soon developed into wallpapering materials that incorporated smooth fibres like cotton and linen to provide strength and diversify textures.

These products and production processes introduced themselves into the Western market during the silk road period, prompting a huge expansion of wallpaper and wall coverings worldwide.

With the invention of the printing press, wallpaper and wall coverings became a big business and are still among the world's oldest and most popular interior design products today.

While wallpaper designs are prolific, some classic wallpaper designs from the modern age have remained standard classics and are as breathtaking today as when they were first conceived.

Read on to discover five of the modern world's most famous and iconic wallpaper designs.

1. Brazilliance, 1937

Dorothy Draper is a legendary interior decorator. This iconic print was originally designed for the Springs Hotel in San Bernardino, California, and the famous Quitandinha resort, in Brazil.

This full-cover banana leaf print provides an incredible jungle feeling that works best installed from floor to ceiling.

2. Bowood, 1938

Created by Colefax and Fowler, this design was based on a 19th-century fabric John Fowler discovered staying at the famed Bowood Estate in England.

A classic cut rose centrepiece pattern with plenty of space perfect to compliment classic decor and country or heritage interior designs.

3. Zebras, 1945

Created by celebrated designer Flora Scalamandré for the famous Gino of Capri restaurant in New York's swanky upper east side, this design has become a wallpaper staple and remains as popular today as it was over 75 years ago.

This design is so versatile; it looks as good in a Michelin five-star restraint as it does in a child's playroom.

4. Citrus Garden, 1947

Citrus Garden by Schumacher is based on a 1947 archival print by Austrian architect Josef Frank. 

It has been a long-standing favourite of design enthusiasts. It celebrates summer vibes and fruity botanicals with beautiful butterflies that bring the classic garden print to life—ideal for sunny spaces, a quaint cafe, or retro decor.

5. Les Touches, 1965

Brunschwig & Fils released this design in 1965. It features an abstract smeared polka-dot design that is reminiscent of an animal print you can't quite put your finger on.

It is an amazing print that is also popular on textiles. Because it blends simple shades with a busy design, it looks fantastic as a complete wall covering or a feature wall pattern choice.

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