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Posted on April 15, 2019 by Helium Collaborator

16 Creative Door Decoration Ideas With Wallpaper

Looking for door ideas to boost your home appeal? It is a smart move considering doors are just there. Here is a great option for you, putting wallpaper on your door- door murals. This is a brilliant DIY idea for different themes home and great for people who want their home look not ordinary!

Transfer your room to the library

If you are looking to create a home that can let you concentrate to study, here is a perfect idea for you! By choosing these book door murals, it shows that the space behind that door is for study. When people walk by, they definitely will make their steps quietly! It creates a calming atmosphere to your space.

Let doors take you to holiday

It can be difficult to know which colour to choose when you are renovating your house. In fact, your dream holiday places could be decoration ideas! Here are a few suggestions to consider. The first one, choose a bright nature holiday place. By choosing this Japanese style park, it will create a comfort atmosphere. The second option is the beach. Beach always generates summer’s feeling which boosts up people’s energy. The third one is European. By looking at the theme, it creates a restful atmosphere.

Make your room greener

Green always be a nice colour which people will choose to decorate rooms. It represents good luck, health, and nature. However, grow some plants could be difficult for modern life. Here is an excellent idea for people who always busy but after the green in their home – green door mural. By choosing the green door wallpaper, it easy to match with your home colour and creates relaxing and peaceful feels to your room.

Expand your space without spending much

Making your small space feel larger is a challenge for every homeowner. Door wallpaper could be your solution. By using these 3D door murals, it visually expands your room, creates drops of volume and shadows play that gives the impression of a large space. The large hallways and stairs also create mystery atmosphere to your space, let people image what is behind that door.

Build your dream door without construction

You may after a door with wood or metal on the top, however, your door size may not enough for that. By putting our 3D door mural, it will let your dream come true. Just use your imagination, no matter what kind of material, we will take it to your home.

It is easy to use DIY door mural to decorate your doors. It takes half times, saves more for your decorations and easy to install. It could be a worthy decoration which can expand your space and creates a unique atmosphere.



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