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Posted on May 08, 2019 by Helium Collaborator

12 Most Unique Staircases Decoration Ideas

Stair decoration always be ignored by people; however, it could be a big impact on your home’s feeling. It could be fantasy, neat or artistic. It is the worthiest decoration which does not cost much and has powerful influence on your room look. Now we are introducing our most popular staircase mural, universe staircase mural, classic texture staircase mural and artistic flora staircase mural.

Universe Staircase Mural

Do you want your space looks different from others, and have a different atmosphere which impresses your guest? Try out new universe staircases mural! Star space staircase mural are great way to create a stunning accent space. They present colour and pattern which help create a space that can express your special sense of characteristic. It uses blue and navy colour which expands your room, let your space looks bigger.

Classic Texture Staircase Mural

Don’t want your stair looks pale and boring? Try some classic pattern on top of them! Have a look at our popular classic mosaic marble staircase mural! The neat patterns always make your space look nice and great, the classic marble design creates an elegant atmosphere to your space. These staircase murals display the use of intense colour which produces a visually high impression section.

Artistic Flora Staircase Mural

Use flowers staircase murals, it easily let your guests’ eyes forces on the beautiful flowers, creates a casual but stylish space look. With the nice warm colours, it forms your room nature, calm atmospheres. The bright blue sky also let your room feel fresh and dramatic. It features artistic, and the blooming flowers add peaceful and romantic to any room.

These are the most popular staircase mural we have been sold so far, hope these ideas would inspire you to decorate your own stairs. We would like to help you to design your own unique special staircase mural too! At AJ Wallpaper, we always offer you the most helpful ideas and help you renovate your space to the dream one!




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