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11 bedding gifts for the friend who loves to stay in the bed!

Posted on June 13, 2019 by Helium Collaborator

We all have that one friend who can’t hang out because they’d rather stay in bed, Need gifts for her and gifts for him? What do you give someone whose only hobby is sleeping? of course! The answer is the bedding. The bedding sets recommended for you today is not only comfortable but also personalized.

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The Gift of Great Sleep: Nature bedding set

Posted on June 11, 2019 by Helium Collaborator

Nothing is more suitable as a gift than bedding, and natural style bedding is an attractive option one hundred percent of the time. Here are some ideas to make purchasing gifts this season a lot easier for you. This bedding idea can also apply as a Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday. At AJ WALLPAPER you can customize the design you want very simply.

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Best inspirational Home decoration ideas: Artistic stairs mural

Posted on June 04, 2019 by Helium Collaborator

This post is all about most of us probably wouldn’t think of decorating – Artistic stairs mural.

You may have heard of this famous step in San Francisco, 16th Avenue Tiled Steps. Can you imagine that we can bring such beautiful steps into your home now? When you walk to the second floor, what is the feeling? Just use self-adhesive wallpaper to create a designer look. It's easy to find budget-friendly stairs mural that will create a luxury feel without a lot of money.

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Best inspirational Home decoration ideas: Awesome 3D Stairs Mural

Posted on June 03, 2019 by Helium Collaborator

You may spend a lot of time thinking about the color of the paint in your bedroom and search for hours to choose the style of the floor, but have you put any thought into your stairs? If you think your staircase is simply a tool, you're missing out on a great decorating opportunity. In many homes, the staircase is one of the first things people see when they walk through the front door, so why not make it eye-catching?

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2019 mural trend-Everyone Is Obsessed With Marble Wallpaper

Posted on May 27, 2019 by Helium Collaborator

Marble isn't a new home trend. In people's minds, marble was generally used for luxury decoration and commercial space. Today, we recommend the following cost-effective marble murals, easy way to redecorate your interior space. New self-adhesive marble murals, Bathroom marble wallpaper, Marble mural for small space, etc. Try a marble mural at your home right now!

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Explore and design your own Aquarium at home

Posted on May 14, 2019 by Helium Collaborator

If you prefer the soothing image of sea life and whales, there’s surely a lot of home decoration for you. Once you add these sea life home decorations into your lovely home, you’ll feel as though you’ve been moved over the earth every time you put eyes on them. Here at AJ Wallpaper, we are impressing you with whales’ wallpaper, sea life staircase mural ideas, sea life floor mural ideas and sea life curtain. At AJ Wallpaper, we can create something truly unique and special for you.

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Unique horse and unicorn space decoration classic ideas

Posted on May 13, 2019 by Helium Collaborator

The horse and unicorn division is a rich source of creativeness for creators and artist. Horses and unicorns can carry actual charisma into your home, like the audacious and fascinating, or the charming and intimate. At AJ Wallpaper, we have prepared a boundless range of home decoration designs starring all sorts of creatures, from classic to wondrous. Introducing us a most popular horse and unicorn decorations (horse, unicorn wallpaper; horse, unicorn bedding; horse, unicorn rug and horse, unicorn curtain), you will not regret using them to decorate your space!

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