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Digital & Graphic

Our designers have used and mixed a wide variety of techniques and styles to create quite a lot of designs or themes you love onto your very own walls. With the application of digital technology, animals and animated characters become more vivid and lifelike. Why not try some different and unique decorating styles? There are design wall murals, floor murals and even ceiling murals in our digital and graphic collection to suit all tastes, styles, and interior design themes.

3D Digital & Graphic

AJ Wallpaper is on the cutting edge of digital and graphic 3D art for interior design applications with our range of digital and graphic 3D wall art and printed products.

Using state-of-the-art graphics software and new-age printing technologies, our international collective of artists and expert printing specialists allow our clients to transform their business and living interior spaces into striking pieces of art.

Our 3D wallpaper and wall murals look as if they are jumping out of the wall, or inviting you into a parallel world, boasting rich, colorful, high-definition images for interior design applications.

Each of our talented artists and designers brings a unique flair to our vast collection, including prints and themes such as:
  • Eye-popping fantasy art
  • Incredible nature and ocean scenes
  • Gritty graffiti and street art
  • Stunning botanical and floral patterns
  • Mesmerizing animal prints and much more
All of these amazing original 3D wall art prints feature quality self-adhesive backing, require minimal tools to install and come with easy-to-follow instructions.

There are also online video tutorials so that you can get the best DIY results from your graphic and digital, 3D wallpaper, and wall art.

As well as 3D wallpaper art, our designers also contribute to our extensive range of other 3D printed products, including:
  • 3D Hallway art
  • 3D Door decals
  • 3D Ceiling murals
  • 3D Floor stickers
  • 3D Stair riser decals and more
Browse our range of graphic and digital designers today, or for more information, send your inquiry via email, or ring the toll-free number for your global region.
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